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hey hey couldnt get enough of me now could you well we here at justyn city would like to send you home today with one of your very own!! we here at justyn city know that a justyn is essential to your everyday life. weve easy terms and great financing so stop on by today adn see our huge selection and friendly staff. come in today and ride away with a justyn!!

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todays special: ham sandwich

a little about me.. are you that willing to sit through the slideshow? nah i dont think so.. so ill keep it short and sweet.
   hiya! im justyn a country boy in the city..ish.. type.. place.. nah i dont think pennsylvania is the city only the fun parts of it.. anywho.. im a triple threat theatre major with the aspirations of making it to the silverscreen soon and becoming a model in the process. well im half way there. fun fun stuff. isnt it exciting what an optimistic attitude can get you .. it gives you life and all the fun stuff that goes with it.. yay...

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this is the rare justyn
justynacus collegeboyicus

" It's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."